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Actually, America East was ranked 17th last season while the Colonial was 13th. That can be a huge difference for getting a better seed in the NCAA Tournament. Although it didn’t matter last season. George Mason was a 14 out of the Colonial and Hofstra was a 13 out of America East. The perception of the Colonial, getting into recruiting areas in the mid Atlantic and the potential to play in better facilities were probably more important factors for Hofstra in leaving the America East. Neither conference gets on television much so that is sort of a wash. But Hofstra couldn’t stay in the America East once its chief rival, Delaware, left for the nearby CAA.

A few weeks ago every sports writter in America was ready to rank Fresno State as one of the top 20 teams in the country. Without a doubt Fresno State is still a very talented team with Chris Jefferies, and Melvin Ely, but without Tito Maddux running the point, do you think they still have a chance to get deep in the NCAA Tournament?

Chris Sandy better be very good for the Bulldogs to make another deep run. Tito Maddox had become an enigma for the Bulldogs, especially for Jerry Tarkanian. But he was still one of the most talented point guards in the nation. Sandy isn’t close, but he could have a more calming effect on the team. He won’t be the same passer, but if he can simply set up Ely and Jefferies and play on the ball defense as well or better than Maddox then the Bulldogs have a chance to win the WAC and get in to the NCAAs where they could still win a game or two. Having a dominant big man like Ely will make them hard to defend.

Obviously one of the keys to getting drafted is getting into the NBA. Combines and how well you do once you get in them. My question to you however is, how hard is it to get invited from a school in a conference like the Northeast Conference? If your able to put up Top 10 numbers in points and/or rebounds, are you almost guarenteed to be invited to one of these essential camps?

It’s not that hard. Plenty of players come from smaller or lower profile conferences, especially to the Portsmouth Invitational. NBA scouts don’t miss too many players, notably the ones who don’t get the headlines. You’re not guaranteed to get invited, but it’s highly probable a player will get an invite to Portsmouth or possibly Phoenix. The Chicago invitees are either top 50 players or special favors (see: Zach Marbury).

I’m curious about Shavlik Randolph. It doesn’t seem that long ago that he was considered a top five talent, but in the latest ESPN rankings he’s barely in the top 50. I know prospect rankings is an inexact science at best, but I’m just curious why his stock seems to have dipped so much. State has any realistic shot at the NCAAs with such a young team and an ACC schedule? I think that if Herb Sendek does not get the team into March Madness, the Wolfpack will be looking for a new coach.

First of all Tom, I was shocked to see Shavlik drop so much in the rankings by Recruiting USA. Randolph didn’t have a good summer, but he’s a top 25, even top 15 talent. The rankings should be based on talent and potential, not just how good a player played in a summer league game. Randolph has the inside out skills to be a star eventually in college (slow down on the NBA talk). A foot injury hurt him from playing to his potential during the summer. He also lacked the passion to play on the summer circuit, but you can’t toss away his overall talent. He’s a 6 10 shooting forward with decent moves in the post. He’s not that quick, but he can get his own shot off without too much trouble. State, I still think Sendek will be there for one more season if he doesn’t get into the NCAA Tournament. And, barring a remarkable season, they won’t be in the NCAAs this season. Sendek might get another chance to coach his recruits, even if he still hasn’t been in the NCAAs.

I was intrigued by the question regarding the best programs that have not made the Final Four. I thought your choices were excellent. As a follow up, who would you consider the best programs to have never won a championship? Coaches?

I would also add BYU as another storied program with multiple NCAA appearances that hasn’t reached the Final Four. As for winning titles, well, I would go with Temple, Maryland, Syracuse and St. John’s. The active coaches list should include Maryland’s Gary Williams, Temple’s John Chaney, Utah’s Rick Majerus, Purdue’s Gene Keady, Oklahoma State’s Eddie Sutton and Syracuse’s Jim Boeheim.

What’s Kareem Rush been up to this summer? I haven’t seen his name on any of the top squads playing overseas this summer. With all the hype surrounding him, I would have thought he would be playing on some kind of All Star team.

I hope you’re still reading this because we’re answering the question. Lute should be in the Hall of Fame, but so too, should Jerry Tarkanian. If the voting is done strictly on performance then, like Chaney, Olson should be in the Hall of Fame. My gut says he will be, within the next two ballots. As for Arizona,
air max 90 mujer el corte ingles Answer Man
check out the Weekly Word. Everything is indicating that the Wildcats will still be a top 40 team. Their schedule is probably too tough for them early, and they’ll have more losses than normal for a team from Tucson. But I still see them as a potential top four team in the Pac 10. My early picks for the Pac 10 are 1. UCLA; 2. Stanford; 3. USC; 4. Arizona; 5. Cal; 6. Arizona State; 7. Oregon State; 8. Washington State; 9. Oregon; 10. Washington. This will likely change, depending on who gets eligible at Cal and how some of the preseason workouts and practices go in September and October.

Murray State is a dangerous game, even at home and I’m sure Kentucky doesn’t want to lose to an in state team at home. They can do that because they’re Kentucky. No one will force them to play Murray State when they can play one of the lesser known Kentucky teams to sprinkle in with their national schedule. Unfortunately, Murray State might have to wait a while to get on Rupp Arena’s floor.

News concerning Teddy Dupay and his investigation was supposed to be released weeks ago. Since then, there has been no mention on his status, or the investigation. Why are they waiting to release the results, when the probe has concluded? There has been no news here in town, as if they would like the matter to be forgotten.

Also, how big an impact does Moss figure to make?Thanks.

The latest is that the investigation is still ongoing. They don’t have a set timetable and that’s why things haven’t been reported. But Florida assured me they wouldn’t put Dupay on the floor for a game if the investigation wasn’t finished. They don’t want to chance having to forfeit games. They’ve still got time to finish this up before the season starts. As for Adrian Moss, he could end up being a valuable contributor. Udonis Haslam needs help inside and Moss could end up being a spark off the bench or a glue guy inside like Major Parker.

In terms of the MVC, people need to pay attention to Southern Illinois this season. They add Va Tech transfer Rolan Roberts, they lose nothing from last season and Kent Williams and Jermaine Dearman are now juniors. They also add two talented redshirts in 6 9 Brad Korn and 6 3 Darren Brooks. Bruce Weber can coach and this Saluki team has mucho depth and talent. They will win the MVC after a challenging preseason schedule gets them prepared.

Southern Illinois will be a dangerous team this season. Rick Majerus had Roberts at his big man camp in Utah and told me that he’s got potential, but he needs to get in better condition. If he is by the start of the season, then the Salukis could have an imposing presence in the middle, not often seen in the Valley. Southern Illinois has a chance to beat Indiana at home this season like the Sycamores did when Indiana State hosted Indiana last season.

I was catching upon your previews for next season and I noticed that you said that David Hawkins of Temple is ineligible for the first semester. What is the cause of that? Also, what do you see the impact of the three freshmen, Glenn Elliot, Neimiah Ingram, and Nile Murray being on the Owls squad this season?

Hawkins is academically ineligible for the first semester. That means the Owls need more from their freshmen earlier in the season. Ron Rollerson has to be in shape and Kevin Lyde needs to be healthy after battling his Achilles problems. The Owls will be one of the favorites in the Atlantic 10, but might not be as good again until later in the season.

What is the status of Julien Sensley and Amit Tamir’s eligibility for next season? I had heard that Sensley improved his SAT scores enough, but now have heard otherwise. Also, how much of an impact player would Tamir be? I can’t see him starting ahead of Jamal Sampson would he replace Solomon Hughes as second big man in the paint? Cal’s highest hopes obviously hinge on having Sensley make an impact, but can they make a big run without Tamir and just have Sampson, Hughes, and younger brother Gabriel Hughes as the options inside?

Sensley is still waiting to hear on his appeal. Tamir’s eligibility hasn’t been determined. Cal needs to get in all the appropriate paperwork. Tamir could end up being a solid big man off the bench or sitting out the whole season. He wouldn’t start ahead of Sampson. But the Bears need Sensley to replace Sean Lampley. It’s hard to guage Cal until we know the answers to these questions.

In your Aug. 17 article “Unofficial vistits becoming way to go” you mention Sean May (son of Scott May, who played for Bob Knight) looking at Notre Dame, Louisville and North Carolina. When Knight was still at Indiana, Sean was a shoe in for IU. And if he’s not still considering IU, then I think the reason he ever considered IU was Knight. So if that’s the case, why isn’t he now considering Texas Tech?

First off Randy, May hasn’t ruled out Indiana. From the people close to him that I’ve talked to he’s still got the Hoosiers on his short list, but is wondering if he wants to be close to home. When I interviewed him at the Nike camp he said he didn’t want to go as far away as Lubbock, Texas to go to school (which doesn’t make sense if he chooses North Carolina because of the distance). But, for what it’s worth,
air max 90 mujer el corte ingles Answer Man
Scott May was apparently wearing a Texas Tech shirt when he got off the plane for a recruiting visit at Notre Dame. The Mays are loyal to coach Knight but he’s apparently not pressuring Scott to send Sean to Texas Tech.

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