air max para niños Nike Employing Andrew Young

tienda de air max Nike Employing Andrew Young

Nike has hired the former United Nations representative Andrew Young and his Goodworks International group to review a new code of conduct for the company’s overseas factories.

The move is part of efforts by the sports shoe maker, based here, to combat criticism that working conditions at the factories, particularly in Indonesia and Vietnam, ignore human rights standards.

”As an advocate for human rights,” Mr. Young said in a statement released by Nike, ”I am involved because Nike has expressed its determination to be a leader for positive corporate change.”

Nike said Mr. Young would ascertain, firsthand, whether subcontractors were complying with its code of conduct. Nike developed the code in 1992, and a private auditor is charged with seeing it is followed. But there have been widespread accusations that workers are badly paid, forced to work long hours and treated cruelly by managers. Plants that produce Nikes are operated by subcontractors, mostly from Taiwan and South Korea.
air max para niños Nike Employing Andrew Young

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