nike air max bw Users weigh in on Michael Jordan

nike españa air max Users weigh in on Michael Jordan

I think it can only help a franchise that has languished below mediocrity for so many years. My only concern is that MJ will encounter the same problems that Magic, with his attempt to coach the Lakers, ran into: dealing with players who don’t have his personal skill level and who don’t have the competitive fire that he personally had on the court. When playing with “lesser” players, Jordan could take a game over and win it on his own. He won’t be able to do that from Abe Pollin’s executive box.

He’s going to have to clean house, both in the front office and on the court, before this team can become a winner again. Wes Unseld and Susan O’Malley have run that franchise into the ground for years. Hiring MJ, especially with the stipulation that there won’t be front office firings, doesn’t mean much for the short term. For the next few years, though, with MJ’s guidance, I would expect the team to do better. Jordan has a tremendous amount of energy and interest in the game and I hope that can translate to the operations side of the game. It’s either going to be a terrific move for the Wizards or a terrible one for Jordan if his skills don’t transfer well to the business of basketball.

I think the issue of what will happen with David Falk is

a huge one. Even if he is no longer Jordan’s agent, the

relationship will still be there, and there will always

be questions, especially if Falk’s players show up

on the Wizards’ roster in big numbers or at below

market value. And what of Jordan’s endorsement deals?

How many presidents of basketball operations have their

own division at Nike? And what’s to keep Jordan from

getting the players he signs to sign on with Nike as well?

As a season ticket holder for the woeful Wiz, usually January is the time of year I start cursing my decision to renew back in September, so if nothing else, Jordan’s move to our camp at least will give me the motivation to get out of bed on gameday morning. But the problems of this franchise go deep into its foundation, and I doubt that MJ, even if he is here to actually do work and not just solidify his media/political presence, can do anything to correct it. Until Abe sells the team, and Wes (though I admire the man) is out of the decision making process, nothing will change.
nike air max bw Users weigh in on Michael Jordan

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