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Morgan Wootten, the chairman of the McDonald’s High School All American game, told ESPN’s Jay Bilas that any player who competes in the all star game March 26 must be high school eligible. Thus, LeBron James would be unable to play in the game in Cleveland unless he wins an expected appeal to the Ohio High School Athletic Association to regain his eligibility.

Wootten makes the final call on the rosters, which are announced Feb. 27, and he said there has been precedent for a top flight player to be left off the roster because of high school ineligibility. Penny Hardaway was left off the roster in 1991 after he was ruled academically ineligible in high school.

Kevin Foley, the spokesman for the game, had a different read on the eligibility rules for the game. He said there are no written rules that prevent a high school ineligible player from participating. But both Foley and Wootten agree that Wootten, the longtime chairman and legendary former DeMatha High coach, has the final call on who makes the roster.

Also two years ago, Tyson Chandler, who would not have been NCAA ineligible, played in the McDonald’s game.

While James’ appearance in the McDonald’s game remains in doubt, adidas’ director of basketball operations Sonny Vaccaro said James would play in the Roundball Classic on March 31 at the United Center in Chicago. High school players who are going on to college are limited to two postseason high school all star games, but since James is expected to declare for the NBA draft he could play in as many as he wants after the season.

According to the source, who spoke with LeBron and mother Gloria James, the James’ feel as if they have been set up and that someone purposely wanted him to be ruled ineligible. The James’ plan to meet with lawyers Friday night to ensure that they go about the appeals process correctly.

The source also said James has made an offer to either return the two shirts or pay for them, and that James is waiting to hear from the store “Next Urban Gear and Music” as to which they want from James.

James cannot play until the matter is resolved. His high school team has six remaining games listed on its schedule, with the regular season ending Feb. 23. Since an appeal would not be heard before Feb. 13, James will miss at least three games regardless of any appeal decision.

Ohio High School Athletic Association bylaws state that an athlete forfeits his or her amateur status by “capitalizing on athletic fame by receiving money or gifts of monetary value.”

More specifically, the OHSAA 2002 03 Athletic Eligibility Information Bulletin states in part that, “You may receive an award or merchandise as a result of your participation in school or non school competition from any source, provided the value does not exceed $100 per award.”

As for what lies ahead beyond high school, nothing really has changed for James. Under NBA rules, he cannot become a free agent and start his pro career early. In order to become a free agent, an athlete must have been eligible for one NBA draft. James has not been eligible for an NBA draft and does not become eligible for the upcoming June 26 draft until his high school senior class graduates in early June.

While James was not planning on playing college basketball, an NCAA official said Friday that James was not eligible even before the jersey infraction.

Citing extra benefits the NCAA says James received regarding lodging and transportation at Nike’s summer camp as well as other infractions, an NCAA official said, “LeBron James would not have been certified at any institution in the NCAA. He would have been initially ineligible.”

OHSAA spokesman Bob Goldring said that because James no longer is an amateur, he is free to sign any shoe deal he chooses.

“LeBron James could have signed a multi million contract with Nike or adidas last June. He gave up all that money to play high school basketball this year,” said Sonny Vaccaro, director of basketball for adidas.

Vaccaro said adidas gave Akron St. Vincent St. Mary over $15,000 in merchandise and travel cost this year. Adidas will not make a similar donation next season.

Sources told Katz that promoters of his games this season have made an estimated $50,000 per game.

Akron St. Vincent St. Mary’s will play Feb. Vincent St. Mary’s will be guaranteed an appearance fee whether or not James plays.

James refused to comment about the jerseys Thursday night at the

Greater Cleveland Sports Awards; he was honored as the area’s top

high school athlete for the second straight year. He did allude to

“all the controversy that’s going on with me” during his”In talking with the store’s personnel, I was able to confirm
nike air max running 2015 Free jerseys bring end to James' prep career

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